Orchard Thieves is crafted using the best of traditional cider-making skills to deliver an instantly refreshing taste. Orchard Thieves is part of the HEINEKEN portfolio. HEINEKEN is the largest cider producer in the world, making ciders both in the UK and Belgium. We have a heritage in cider making that goes back over 125 years. Draught Orchard Thieves is made in our cidery in Cork, Ireland.

      1. The Harvest.

      We select the finest varieties of apples, sourced from across Europe. Our cider is created using the perfect mix of crisp and tart apples.

      2. Milling and Pressing.

      This releases the natural apple juice, which is the basis for our fresh apple taste.

      3. Fermentation and Storage.

      Yeast is added to the apple juice and the juice ferments. It takes approximately 11 days for the sugar to be converted into alcohol. Yeast is then removed and our cider is ready for filtration.

      4. Blending and Filtration.

      Our master Thieves blend our cider until the perfect balance of flavour has been achieved. They ensure that the cider you enjoy, consistently delivers our refreshing, instant apple taste.

      5. Filling and Packaging.

      Available on draught, in pint bottles, 330ml bottles, and cans, Orchard Thieves cider is ready to be part of your next adventure, wherever that might take you.